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sub power cable-help

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decided it was time to put the sub and amp on the 4x4 today but i cant get the power cable through the advised grommet-got it attached to a coat hanger and pushed it through so far but it has stopped and cant find the end of the cable or the loom behind the fuse box (spend an hour trying to force my hand up there but got to the point that it felt like i was going to break my hand or arm)
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i had that trouble so all i did was put a splitter on the live wire going into the back of the need to go through the bulkhead. worked fine for me
cant say i fancy the idea of running my amp off that small cable
as far as amps go mine was only small at 200w if you are going for big sound with capacitors and such like i would reccomend going to battery
yea, im puting in a 1000 or 1200w 4 channel amp running 2 10" subs and 2 6x9's
Mine was a bitch to do on the mk3 as well. I actually used some two bits of 2.5mm twin and earth, twisted it together with a small hoop in the end and then push it from the inside out. Then attached the amp power cable through the hoop and used lost of electrical tape then carefully pulled it back through.

Wasn't easy but it came through.

good luck trying
i cant find it on the inside
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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