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subframe bushes how much:shocked:

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my mondeo has always had a little suspension rattle on the back end so to eliminate it i did the handbrake cable tie ,then the drop links,but its still there so now i'm pretty sure its the subframe bushes.
any way i phone around some local garages where i live and some prices are coming back between £240 -£300 pound :shocked: is this right.
there is one garage which has offerd the replace/recon subframe which they said is only £118 and will take less labour time but havent got back as yet to how long it will take.
are these prices right .
thanks in advance.
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I would of said yes, if that also includes a 4 wheel alignment, as this has to be done.
Just an idea for you, why dont you look into the polly bushes, as you dont have to remove the subframe for these :L
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