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SubFrame Confusion

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Hi all.

So, im looking to do the subframe bushed.....does this mean i need to have any form of alignment done afterwards?????

A couple of posts i've read kind of mention it but not definitively.


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Any suspension work to the rear suspension, requires 4 wheels alignment to be done afterwards
Is that just a normal wheel alignment check or is it the full geometry thingy?????

4 wheel alignment = geometry, lots of confusion on that... you knock out the rear wheels when monkeying with the suspension components, so alignment firstly does the rear wheels, then the fronts.
thanks for the replies.

is it a dealer only job? nay ideas what sort of cost i could be looking at?

Alignment specialist place, they need the laser aligning kit. Search on here for alignment, you might find some recommendations in Leeds.
[quote name=geordie.*******]Is that just a normal wheel alignment check or is it the full geometry thingy?????


if the subframe is moved it needs accurate alignment too or else you will find no amount of 4 wheel tracking will cure a misaligned subframe and a lot of ongoing problems are due to this where for whatever reason a subframe has been moved,and the driver just keeps getting weird handling and/or uneven over wearing rear tyres
So are you saying the physical subframe needs checking as well as the 4 wheel laser alignment that people are mentioning?

I though it just bolder back on????

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