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Submarine Lighting

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Just added submarine lights to my car, the job cost less than £4 and took just over an hour to do.

Used two 12 volt red leds (from ebay), took a live feed off the light switch (so they come on with side & headlights) but not with parking lights.

Instead of drilling the 'sun glasses holder'I installed them at the edge of the headlining, ensuring first of all they did the job and did not dazzle (checked the location of them in the dark).

I must admit they work really well and provide a soft red glow over the center console area. If any one is interested a get a couple of pictures.

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sounds good love to see some pics of them at night (if possible) and the method you used to fit them, never seen this before
I'll get some 'night time' pictures on by tomorrow together with how I did it and where i got the bits from.
Huh? The live feed to the interior light is permanently live up to about 12 minutes after shutdown when the battery saver relay cuts in. I ran an extra sidelight-live wire up to mine. Are you sure yours isn't on most of the time?
No - I ran a wire from the headlight switch, so the leds are only illuminated when the side or headlights are on.

I used a meter to identify what was connections were live to the headlight switch. I'll take a photo of the connection to the headlight switch.
Sorry - I'm being an idiot. I was thinking the interior courtesy light switch, not the headlight switch. Ignore me - most already do. :L
Don't worry mate I should have made it clear in first e-mail. I'll put some pics on tomorrow.

I'm still looking to change my car 2.0 Zetec '02 plater. It's going great I've added full climate control (I wrote some of how to convert manual to full climate control), trip computer.

Looking for a Titanium X V6 on an '07 plater but it must have climate seats, xenon lights and a sunroof would be nice
I ran mine from the glove box light feed / plug as its only live with lights on
You can take the power feed from any where which is live when the lights are on e.g. glove box light - I used the headlight switch with red leds (Fully Wired 12v 3mm Red LED Bulb x 2 bought off ebay for £2.49)to provide an 'original colour' submarine lights - but you can use any colour.


1. Open storage box underneath headlight switch to gain access to back of switch.
2. Reach in a around behind headlight switch and remove it by squeezing the two large clips together and disconnect electrical connection.
3. Remove trim from screen pillar - be careful not to damage it and be aware that the aerial connection and the pipe for the rear washer (if you have one) are connected to it.
4. Remove drivers sun visor as this will aid running cable under the headlining.
5. Remove interior light.
6. Run cable from headlight switch, up screen pillar, under headlining so that it comes through where the interior light lives (need about 4 ft of cable).
7. Attached cable block to one end of cable.
8. Connect other end of cable to headlight switch. (I used pin numbered 58 - pin numbers on back of switch).
9.You can now put headlight switch, trim and sun visor back.

Before I finalised the position of the submarine lights I ensured that when the LEDS were illuminated they did not dazzle - obviously done in the dark.

You can see where I located my LEDS (see picture -not the best quality I know!), carefully measure to ensure they are evenly space and then make a hole. I used a small screwdriver and did not drill as I wanted the hole in the headlining to 'grip' the LEDS. Carefully push LEDS into the hole. Connect the LEDs live to your new cable and the earth to the interior light earth and away you go.

The pictures show LEDS on and off


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I wired mine to the rear view mirrors loom which has a 12v ignition live feed.
Yep another good place - but I did not have an auto dipping mirror.
looks good and thanks for the pics and the diy lesson lol, seems to light up the console nice might have to try it.....cheers :thankyousign:
one other thing what cable did you use, 3mm i guess and can you get this easy, halfords etc
Your welcome - it actually lights up the console better than what is shown in the pics. I bought the leds off ebay - make sure they are 12v with resistor - they come in many colours. I will probably get some green ones for the interior door handles.
well you got me likeing it just bought 2 blue ones and resistors where did you get the cable from? 3mm i guess, thinking of takeing the feed from the glove box light as the door pillar that side should be empty, just makes things a little more simple...thanks again
Yes, standard cable - I have lots of it in my boxes of bit's in my shed!
hi any pics of the actual bulbs or what are they calledthanks karl
If you search ebay for

*New* Fully Wired 12v 3mm Red LED Bulb x 2

then you will find them. The items are 99p for the two and £1.50 ish p&p and they have the resistors already connected.



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