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Sussex Newbie

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Hi Guys and Girls.

Just a quick hello, i'm Kris, I'm a french car specialist from Horsham, West Sussex .... and i own two mondeo's :idea: (along with 4 x 306's, a 205, 1978 mini, renault flatbed, iveco flatbed, mk5 fiesta, 318i and a clio, vectra sri, 2 x saxo VTR and a saxo VTS, 2 x 406 and a 106 plus all the cars im breaking/scrapping)

One is a MK3 2.0 Auto, ex taxi with a whopping 270k on the clocks, the other is also a MK3, this time a 1.8 manual. Both are in a state of needing repair so my next pit stop is likely to be one of your problems forums.

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Hi Kris, welcome to the site. :)

Thanks guys, if anyone's good with auto boxes there's a topic for ya somewhere!
Talk about greedy :) Welcome mate :L
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