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I help in getting the license navigation. You can activate the navigation in your system SYNC2 .

You only need to activate the navigation using the program FORSCAN
in the APIM

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I think the procedure to enable navi in Sync2 is well described

I enabled many times navi in cars with Sync2 (Focus3 FL, Kuga2, Mondeo5, Smax2) but without navi - and you can do it by yourself!!

All you need is:

- a good ELM327 cable
- extended licence for Forscan program (instruction how to get it is here:
- navi licence file for Sync2

Detailed instruction:

1. update Sync2 to latest software version (v3.8) - you can google several places where you can download this software on your pendrive (for instance:
WARNING: updating Sync2 takes ca. 30 min. so it HAVE to be done with engine running and start/stop disabled!!

2. with Forscan (having Extended License) you have to make changes in two modules:

2.1 in APIM (means Sync2 module) you need to configure navigation (7d0-01-02. Byte 1 = 00 No Nav. Byte 1 = 04 with Nav);

2.2 in IPC (instrument cluster) you need to configure showing navigation directions in 720-05-01 bit 11 (e.g. With Nav IPC* 720-05-01* D8B8* 0000* 00BD* / without IPC* 720-05-01* D8A8* 0100* 00AE*)

3. restart Sync2 in order to apply above changes (simultanuesly press for few seconds the folliwing buttons: right arrow on tuner and power)

4. obtain navigation licence file - as far as I know, it can be bought ($80) from but I know more cost effective source (->private message)

5. unzip licence file to empty pendrive

6. start engine, disable start/stop, switch on Sync2, put pendrive to usb socket and wait ca. 5min. (Sync2 will restart TWICE during that process)

7. at the end you will be asked to insert SD card with maps - you can buy F4 (2015) or F5 (2016) card on ebay or from dealer (or prepare a card by yourself -> google it
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