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Tail gate not shutting

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the wife was driving our '52 V6 mondeo today and noticed the door open warning light was open.

Its now transpired that the tailgate will not lock at all. I first thought it may be a fuse but it wont lock on the key either.

Any suggestions guys ?
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hi, i had this problem last year, had to buy a new boot lock from ford.
really easy to fit, remove plastic cover and the whole assembly un-screws with three screws. Unplug the elceric then re-fit new assembly.
new part was about £45
Thanks for the reply mate.

I'll get a boot lock ordered. Do you get a new key with the lock ?
no, its only the piece behind the lock that needs replacing, so no need to change actual barrel thus keeping same key.
ps you might wanna remove bulbs in boot or tie it down. my alarm kept going off over night cos of the wind !! not fun doing it in your undies at 3am!!
my old 51 plate zetec did this its the sesnsor that is nacked you need as Donut hunter says you need a lock it the button part you need
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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