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TDCI 130 impressions

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Hi Everyone.
A new user, and a soon to be mondeo owner signing in!

I have now test driven a couple of 5 door TDCI130 cars, first an 03, and then an 06 model... I really enjoyed them, especially the last was very nice, low mileage (130.000km), climate control, black etc... I had driven it for about 35 minutes, when it suddenly did not respond to any throttle input. This happened as i was rolling along in 4th, at about idle, or just over, and as i applied the throttle nothing happened. After pumping the throttle for 4-5 seconds, it however jumped back to life, with (i think) a little bit of smoke behind the car. The same thing happened again 3km further down the road, after which i brought it back to the dealer, who said they would have it looked at and fixed.

If this shows up being just a sensor or something, should i be worried about buying this car? Or is this a situation where i just walk away, no matter what the dealer says?

Can someone give me some idea of how reliable theese cars are in general? Im new to diesels, but my trusty old sierra is getting old and not so trusty anymore, so could use a new car :)

Thanks in advance!
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the TDCI are generaly good considering how menny is on the road right now ...
yes it can have problems like all cars can
here is a short list of things

Dual Mass Flywheel

but with these are the same problems you get with any other brand of cars these days

Long as you get FSH found out its background Motorway/town driving
had any work done to it ?
like Injectors/DMF

the cutting out you had was thay any flashing light on the dash ?
it could be down to a senser or Fuel filter
worst case is the Injectors

did u start it from Cold ?
was it loud very nocky
was there any rummbuling sounds ?
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Thanks for the quick reply :)

I started the car from cold, after it had sat for a few days, and other then a bit of noise from the brakes the first couple of times, everything sounded and felt very solid. When i did go from slight throttle to engine braking there was a bit of a jolt... but not anymore then i am used to in my Sierra, so not sure if this is normal or may be a DMF issue?

There was no flashing or warning lights when it cut out... so my first idea was maybe fuel filter...
Just to throw something out there, you said you were in 4th gear at idle or just above idle rpm.

The engine could well be perceived to to nothing if you put your foot down at that rpm in that gear. It would very slowly pick up until about 1300rpm when the turbo starts boosting and it 'comes to life'. That, by the way, usually is accompanied by a belch of smoke.

Are you sure it wasn't something as simple as that?
especially the last was very nice, low mileage (130.000km)
could i ask what HIGH mileage is?
mondeotdci130 said:
especially the last was very nice, low mileage (130.000km)
could i ask what HIGH mileage is?
Hehe... 320.000km on my Sierra is high mileage :D

But in my mind, Diesels should last longer then gas engines as they dont rev as high...
mondeotdci130 said:
especially the last was very nice, low mileage (130.000km)
could i ask what HIGH mileage is?

Works out at 354055.68 km :shocked:
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