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tdci 130 vacuum pipes

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Anybody on here with a late 2003 or early 2004 tdci? I bought one a couple of weeks ago and it doesn't seem to be performing as well as i think it should. I've cleaned the egr and intake manifold, maf sensor and changed air and fuel filters. I can't tell if the vacuum pipes are configured correctly though, shortly after the pump there is a tee with one side going to the servo and the other to the vacuum solenoids. On mine there is another tee with one side going directly to the actuator. On all the other vehicles i've seen, there is no second tee, this pipe goes directly to the solenoids and the pipe to the actuator comes from the solenoids. I'm not sure if it'd make any difference anyway but it's only doing about 35 mpg, so trying to cancel everything out. Thanks, Lee.
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Mine did 28mpg during the cold spell.

Maybe just not used to the torque & powerband yet.

All the power seems to be in 3rd gear, 1st & 2nd seem restricted. Maybe it just me?

Is it a genuine 130? Seen lots advertised as 130 but when i checked ford said 115.


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PURPLE_2L_LX said:
All the power seems to be in 3rd gear, 1st & 2nd seem restricted. Maybe it just me?
No, it's not you. There's a torque restrictor in 2nd (don't know about 1st) that limits the acceleration, to avoid any damage that might be caused.
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