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TDCi 2002 injector recoding options?

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I have mondeo 2002 TDCi which is some kind of pre-EODB and it's very hard to find equipment which really recodes the injectors...

Has anyone tested AutoEnginuity software with Ford Enhancement software(

As far as know, it uses multiplex engineering interface which is more advanced than ELM327.

Or is the only way to go Ford for recoding? Or does anyone knows why any other equipment(or only few of them) cannot recode 2001-2003 mondeo TDCi injectors than Ford's own equipments?
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I think the confusion might be that they pre 2003 cant be read, but, it can be re-coded.. pre 2003 comes back with a load of zeros when u try reading but i believe they can be coded. ive just bought a formidable interface and software off ebay for £50 delivered and the chap says it will code them
2002 needs Ford ICS kit really, I tried the Ebay interface and formidable on my 2002s and it cant code injectors (good for fault codes etc though).

Took mine to an indy with the Ford ICS kit and he charged me £50 to code my injectors (not bad for 15 mins total time is it!!!!)

yes AE with enhanced ford package will code injectors, i did them on my 2002 tdci mondeo, hit f4, go to 'non obd 2 only' and 'j1850 vpw' on interface type!
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