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Tdci clutch

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Does anyone know best place to get one fitted in/near Blackpool.
And the what price should I expect to pay.
Been quoted about £800 at a Mondeo specalists in Blackpool.
52 plate 130bhp, 5 speed.

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Sounds very steep! people are getting DMF and clutch replaced for less then that!!
That does include dmf, but like you said does sound a little steep (still cheaper than Ford)
I have no idea where else to take it to be honest, not had any work on car for years so dont know what garage to use.
sounds silly but try the bigger companies like Nationwide Autocentres, etc, and blag that youve had a price of £650-£700 and theyll want your business so much there beat the price
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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