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TDCI hesitation/injectors latest from ford

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Hi, I like many have had the hesitation/`misfire` at ~ 2000rpm. Been to dealers 4 times and had various fixes to no avail. Recently went again and took tech on drive to show fault as last time was told they all do it!

Ended up having new injectors and pipework (allegedly) and this has cured it! Trouble is it now has bad diesel knock at 1000-2000 rpm. Took it in again today only to be told that the tech who did it says the ecu was remapped after the injectors were fitted and this has retarded the ignition causing the knock! I questioned this and was told it is a trade off and Ford are due to release another `patch` soon to rectify it. They didn`t bother to tell me to expect this noise and let me take the car in before telling me! I think they are bulling me personally. They this `fix` has been sent out cos Ford are replacing that many injectors that this helps while a fix is sent out in a few weeks?

Will this do the engine any harm? It does seem to have affected fuel economy (going by the computer) as it was always upper 40`s /lower 50`s and is now at 44 after 200 mile m/way run and 20 miles town use.

Car is an 05 plate Euro 4 2.0 tdci lx

Have tried to get Ford technical bulletins on internet and even Ford technical phone number but only got premium rate recorded message service through Ford customer relations office.

Any advice??
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Can`t say it did/does really. Just sounds like a tractor. Just don`t like being mislead/bulled by incompetent dealers. Want to get rid after year of problems but can`t while it sounds like bag of spanners. The technician reckoned that the 2.2 `s don`t have all these injector problems so tempted by ST or Titanium mmmmm.
Yeah that sounds like mine, at partial throttle but seems to only do it, or be more noticable, at lower revs. I am no mechanic but surely setting up an engine to run with retarded ignition won`t do it any good. Anyway I didn`t think diesels had an ignition as such so is this just a line they are spinning or am I really showing my ignorance here?
They just seem to stumble from one `patch` to another without ever fixing the problem(s) though. My worry is that once out of warranty it will get very expensive, hence my wish to sell while it is still warrantied. It is a shame cos I enjoy driving the car and to replace it with something as good means going German and is expensive in comparison.

Other option is X Type diesel with same unit. I wonder how the guys at Jaguar are doing with this engine??
Latest in this saga.

After waiting for said `patch` for 5 weeks I rang them and was given the `two weeks` story again. I complained and told them to ring Ford Technical for some answers. They did so and came back with the story that the latest software update was available for them to download now afterall. I booked in the car and they had it all afternoon. I had to ring them at 5.20pm and was told the following.

The software patch had been put on but the car still had the diesel knock so they had contacted Ford. They told the dealer that they were happy that the original fault had been cured and they were aware of the consequential diesel knock but were not prepared to look at the problem unless sufficient complaints were received by Ford dealerships from disgruntled customers :mad: :mad:

Apparently the `fix` they did was to increase the fuel pressure at lower revs to cure the `misfire` resulting in the diesel knock. This is apparently why they needed the new injectors/pipework?

I have complained to Ford Customer Relation Centre in writing and they are looking into it. I have also involved the finance company who have put it in the hands of a comlaints officer who has been chasing things but has got the same story as me so it is with Ford now awaiting their investigations. Apparently their first call to Ford Technical resulted in them being told to "talk to the dealer" so I fear a game of ping pong.
After looking on a consumer website about it it says to complain to the finance company not the dealer though so I am a little confused. The finance company seem to be helping and have mentioned about why I never took the car back to the supplying garage. I didn`t cos it was under manufacturers warranty so went to Ford. Obviously if I had known at the outset that this was the end result after over a year I would of returned the vehicle or something.

Has anyone else had this or know anyone with these issues? It is an 05 plate tdci 130.

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