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tdci injector recode.

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ok should be able to help a bit here.

just done mine on a snap on solus pro had to set the scanner up as a 2004 model though on mine as it wouldn't let me code if i used 2002 setup.

once you have the injector coding utility up on the scanner it's just a case of doing 1 injector at a time the codes can be found on a label ontop of the rocker cover if it's still there.

you should see 4 16 digit codes....

record these down rememberiing they are displayed in firing order 1-3-4-2.

follow the prompts on the scanner and it's worth checking the codes are correct you should be able to check using a mirror that the codes on the label are still valid and in the correct cylinder number.

enter code for injector 1 follow prompts turn igniton on/off e.t.c as required and each time you get asked if you want to code another injector just say yes and repeat all steps.

snap on code cylinder numbers 1-2-3-4 not firing order so remember to enter correct codes....

hope this helps


sorry to drag up an old thread but doin this myself and been lookin for info on doing using a solus do i just start at cylinder 1 (timing belt end) and code in cylinder order as per solus instructions?
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cant help but you mean timing chain not belt
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if you have gotta recode the injectors they will go again very soon...
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