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tdci rear silancer replace.

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hello all

just wondering what you all think about a turborevs silancer on a 130spec?? as the old one is getting a bit thin.

heres some pichs of the silancer and around were i would put it..

bad and good comment please.


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Bloody hell thats a beast size
She's a size.
noooo thats not good dont turn your tdci into them small boy races cars thats about to big lol
looks about the same size as mine

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Dont like it sorry guys!
ive part fitted it im trying to get it to fit close to the wheel well in the cutin the rear bumper, only gota cut a small part out the bumper sprat... sound good you can just hear it burble.

more pichs soon...
ive finnished fitting it, it looks good and sounds good too what do you all think now it on??



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to big
in the wrong place me thinks ... and that back tire looks abit bold in places

think the same as before, too big for thecar! looks fugly, sorry dude!
it look bigger in the pichs

do you reckon i should put it around where yours id mark?

i cant complane realy it only cose me a tenner.

i realy want to make a dual pipe system 3inch each side of the wheel well.

i did have a huge i mean huge dtm pipe.

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i did cut away the bottem bumper skirt and have it about the same place as the ST hole is
just seem to look nicer there
If you like it, and it sounds good, then it was the right choice for you. As for fitting it to my car.....I can hear the words of the 'grange Hill' song....."Just say no, say no, say nooooo"
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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