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Tdci Sudden Powere Loss

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I have a problem with my 130 tdci 56 plate 38 k miles.

On 2 occasions over the last 3 months the engine has lost power but continues to run very sluggishly. By shutting down and allowing 15 minutes and then restarting the problem goes ie normal performance returns.
There is no warning lights or black smoke when this happens and overall the car still runs as new.

Has anyone any ideas about a solution as my main garage require silly money to carry out a diagnosis
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Is it slow right across the range or just in turbo territory?

I guess I'll probably be laughed out of the forum for suggesting to check the MAF?
Mine did something similar to this, it was tyhe camshaft position sensor, on the front of the engine block. £15 new from ford, problem sorted :O) Hope yours is as straightforward! Rob
Thanks for your reply - it is completely gutless across the range

hanks for your reply - I will try this
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