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TDDi won't start after ran dry.

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Hey guys,

Recently bought an 01 Mondeo TDDi 2.0 Lx.

Today I ran out of diesel but stopped in and put in a few litres. It would not start. To make a long story short, I eventually had to get a friend to tow me around and I got it started. The starting motor alone just couldnt pump the fuel up it seems.

Is this a problem with all TDDi's or just mine ??

I did change the fuel filter last week which was a fecker to start after it but that was understandable.

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you need to put at least 10ltrs in to pressurise the tank again, i had a 1.6 focus which ran out and i tried 1 gallon and it wouldnt start, another gallon and it started... hope this helps...
Have you tried filling the fuel filter up first then trying to start it?

When i did my fuel filter I was advised that continuos cranking on the starter motor isn't good on a diesel as the diesel lubricates the fuel pump.

Try filling the filter up by sucking, or using a small funnel to get some diesel in that.

yep thats a cert with the mondo .the mortal sin is that when you change out the filter make sure you bring a container to the garage and buy about 1 euro of diesel to fill the new filter with it has to be filled to the brim and then fitted carefullly while its full.I fill mine wiht an old battery hydrometer but any narrow pipe and careful suction will do but the motor will be really piggishlystubbern to start if you dont do this..also just dont on your lifes peril let your mondo run out of diesel unless your really looking for big problems.s
i think the prob is just the fact it ran out. the filter was changed like a week before wasnt it?
For reference the fuel filter takes just shy of 500ml of diesel. I used an Oasis bottle that I washed out (has a wide lid to take the fuel nozzle at the pump) and then a funnel to poor the fuel in.

I've read several reports of people not being able to start after changing the filter, so running out of diesel will cause effectively the same thing - an air gap in the filter.
ive a new Bosch filter in the shed to fit ASAP, it has plastic caps over the 3 pipes for the top, im planning on upending it and filling with derv+millers thru the bottom end water trap

cunning eh?...
I didn't have a a funnel small enough so I cut an old washing machine feed pipe, put that on the filter with a tie wrap and the other end on my normal funnel, then used the old hoover in the funnel to suck the diesel through. Came through in a few seconds. Quite clever I thought, saved having a bad chest and mouth tasting of diesel lol.
I've got a MityVac vacuum bleeder and connected the two outside pipes up to the filter then connected the MityVac to the centre spigot & pumped until diesel started to come through. You can do the same with a long clear plastic tube and sucking by mouth.
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