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Temp gauge weirdness

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Well I'm not sure when this started happening but for some reason my oil temp gauge hardley ever gets to the halfway mark, it always used to work its way up to half way and stay there for the duration of my journey. Now the only time I can get it where it should be is doing around 80mph and even after that once I come to a roundabout or junction I can litterally watch it drop down to about the 10:30 position. The odd thing is the car seems fine, is it just a sensor problem and can it effect the running of the car?

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It's not an oil temp gauge, its a water temp gauge. If you search through posts in the diesel section about water temp issues you will see that this is pretty usual, if the heater is still running hot then it doesn't seem to be anything to worry about.
its 90% of the time the oil cooler stat faulty.
+1 to above. Changed the oil cooler stat on mine and it cured my car.
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