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Temperature gauge issue possible fix theory...maybe?

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I was having a good look around my car at the weekend, and as you do got underneath to check things out. While under there i noticed that there is like a valve sort of arrangement that has 3 wires going to it and has a coolant hose going into and out of. The part i am referring to is located right by where the steering column comes through the bulkhead to the stering rack.

Now my guess is, that this 'valve' thing is the electrically enhanced heater. Now my theory goes, that if this part were defunct and not heating, then could this have an effect on the temp sensor???

The 'valve' looks like it has 3 glow plugs going into it, and as i say it has 3 wires and is plumbed into the coolant circuit.

Does this sound like a plan at all?


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Anyone got any ideas what this mystery part is? It's right underneath the car at the back of the engine bay, but underneath the car. It's on the drivers side.

I have no idea what it's called. But i've a feeling it may not be functioning keeping the coolant up to temp....
I think what you've found is the auxilliary coolant heater which is there to speed warmup in cold conditions, less than 4 degrees I think. It's not the job of this to maintain the coolant temperature, thats up to the thermostats to restrict flow through the radiator (and oil cooler). Once the cooling system is above a certain temperature the auxilliary heater should shut off - sorry, I don't know what temp it should turn off at.
My 55 plate LX dosent have that, which is poopy! I was thinking about putting that into the car to give me more heating in the car!
3 heating elements inside, i think 250watts each.
Does anybody know what this part is called at all?

I feel that it could have failed, or at least partially failed, as i have driven a couple of slightly newer (55 and 56 plate) Mondy TDCi's and with similar miles, and both of them warmed up quicker than my car, (the heater) including the reading on the temp gauge.

I want to try and 'fix' it and see if makes any difference, then i'll post my findings back up here.

Thanks for the replies so far folks.

Ah...just reading a bit better...Auxilary coolant this what it's technical term is for a parts factor or Ford
Mate it wont make any difference, I want to remove the aux heater (that's what its called).
Fair enough I suppose.

How come you want to remove yours then? is it causing problems? If so what problems are you getting?

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