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There is also a thermostat in the water pump it's black plastic pipe that's attached to the waterpump it goes to the oil cooler
You have to take off the inlet manifold to gain access to it, it's attached by a single bolt and it's pushed into the waterpump
I had same problem all fixed now, has been for 2 years

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Cheers for that.

Driving into work today (about 25 miles of so) and going down some reasonable hils, the guage starts loosing the temp. This is without the heater on, so it definitley is looking likely that a connector or something aint right.

Now these connector jobbies, do you know if they are easy to get to and check? Or is it a case of taking the engine apart to reach the damm thing.

Hi may be comforted to know that you are among good company with this complaint ..i.e the cooling gauge going suddenly form half way i.e normal to cold ..many mondie drivers experience this ..and whilst the heater will still work normally it is disconcerting and hard sometimes to cure ....thery are two stats ..the first one which i recon is the one yoouj replaced is on the main top pipe goint formthe top of the engine to the rad . and it sits in a plastic housing ..this one shuld by all accounts be replaced by a genuine ford on as other spuriouus stats have been known to open to early;or close to quickly anyway you get the drift ..and theother one as stated below in on the water pump held in by one bolted clamp and is hard to get at but as the other megger says gettable although i dont think id be taking off the intake manifld ..however changing out these stats usully sorts the problem and ther are differrent stories on which one does the jobbie for me it was the main one on the main flow to the top of the rad and i used a genuine ford one asn i had read of the probs of using the spurious ones ..p.s I dont think the sensor on the head which is fitted in a goddall awkard place behind the right hand auxilary pulley has much to do with the problem but it does control some of the cooling functions too and may be worth a thought ..youll need a good angleular socked with a split side to take the wire which runs throug the sensor to change it but as i say i would concentrate on the other stats first as in most case s they seem to solve the issue which is bothering you ..s..
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