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Thanks mark derby. Changed belt tensioner

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Hi guys. Iv changed my belt tensioner today. What a pig of a job. If your thinking of doing it I would advise getting the tool first as it's very hard to make a tool.

The car is so quiet now. Not just when idling but while driving too. I didn't realise how much noise the old tensioner made.

I want to thank mark derby for his excellent how to guide and everybody who gave me advice to help. This is an excellent site.

Thanks again

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hello i want to change the belts on my car too so what tool are you talking about and did you change any of the other pulleys???
The tool is for realeasing the tension from the tensioner. If you have access to a welder you can make your own. If like me you don't it is very hard to make something. I tried mark derbys nut and bolt but after filing it down to fit the half inch hole the bolt snapped under pressure. In the end we butchered a good ratchet to make a tool and used a spanner and a big bar. It worked but it's a shame about the ratchet.
just hands needed to remove the belt, change tensioner and hands to re fit, or a big blunt bar like a big crowbar does the job pretty easy.....
once you know how,

must admit i tried numerous ways to do it, like getting a 3/8''s drive in somehow, then lost temper and used my hands band realised how easy it was.
haha my guide again ...
so can someone reply as to whether you need to change any other pulleys when doing this job as i dont want to pull it apart and realise i need to wait for more bits ..... cheers
the kit comes with idle pullys and tens pully ..
the only Pully u need to buy as its not part of the kit is the Lower Crank Pully
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