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Here's my pictures from "The 12th Northern Performance Ford Rally At Thoresby Park 2014". Not a bad day on the whole, odd very light rain shower but that didn't put anyone at all. :L

I would just to say and give a big thank you to all those who put there name down and turned up this year, down on numbers from the last few years which is a shame and this really is a good show on the whole and well worth doing. Thank you guys. :L

As with squires cafe am gonna step down from organising this one for a year or so due to a few reasons, wanting to take a time out from the organiser roll as well feeling a little down hearted with the lack of numbers turning up this year to the meets and shows on here. If anyone would like to take this show on, please say so or contact me as I will help out as best I can. You never know, next year it might have a good numbers showing once again.

Right on with the picture's, enjoys folks. :L

Please click on them to view them better. :L









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