Keeping all your electronics powered up, no matter where you are.

Great road trips are the perfect time to leave behind the worries of urban life for something a little simpler – just you, your car, and the open road. But that doesn’t mean you can't leave all your tech accessories behind. That’s precisely where the Jackery Solar Generator 500 comes in – the ideal road-trip companion, keeping your gadgets fully loaded, so you can make the most out of all your exciting car adventures, travels and journeys.

When it comes to quality, Jackery is hard to beat. Founded in 2012 by a group of adventurous engineers, Jackery has quickly established itself as a world-leading portable energy brand, with over 1 million customers worldwide and a best seller on Amazon. So, no matter where you find yourself – glamping, tailgating, or just needing a boost out on the road - you can trust and guarantee that the Jackery solar generators deliver every time.


If you’re unfamiliar with how solar generators work, it’s simple. Two basic components are included: a solar panel collecting energy from the sun, converting the electrical power that it’s stored in, and a portable power station for use whenever and wherever you require it. The Jackery Solar Generator 500 comes with both components – the Explorer 500 Portable Power Station and SolarSaga 100 Solar Panel.


Boasting 518 Wh, the Explorer 500 Portable Power Station provides the stablest of power to a huge variety of AC-reliant tech. Additionally, Jackery is available in the U.K. and U.S. with different sockets and voltages depending on country. The standard 12V/10A carport and 3*5V/2.4A USB ports can power literally everything from your computer and phone to your car cooler, air pump, car vacuum, TV, projector, and more. It does all of this, whilst still remaining one of the lightest portable rechargeable lithium battery generators you can find on the market place.


Now, if you’re wondering how much power 518WH really provides to you, here’s an accurate reference for you: it can charge your phone 53 times, charge your laptop 7 times, light a bulb for approximately 45 hours, keep your mini-fridge running for 37 hours, and run a TV for 7.5 hours. It’s also ideal for emergency preparedness, if you suffer a power outage at home and require a viable backup power source. Just make sure the appliance is rated under 500 watt (surge 1000w) to avoid any technical faults or issues.

Ok, let’s talk about the Jackery SolarSaga 100 – the solar panel component using the sun’s energy to charge your Power Station for free, with virtually no maintenance work.

This Monocrystalline solar panel features a high conversion efficiency of up to 23%, weighing only 9.1 lbs - so it’s incredibly easy to fold up and move with the easy-carry handle. It additionally boasts a USB-C output port and a USB-A output port if you’re looking to charge smaller devices directly. Plus, set-up only takes simply seconds just use the two kickstands to place the solar panel on any ground surface outside and it will do the rest.

When it comes to charging time, depending on your location, temperature, and weather conditions, it can charge your Explorer 500 Portable Power Station in approximately 9.5 hours. (You can, of course, also charge it via wall outlet, car outlet, or generator).

Check out the Jackery Solar Generator 500 here.


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