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Timing Belt Advice?

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Hi folks, just wondered if anyone had changed the timing belt themselves on an automatic car...

From what I can tell it looks straightforward enough, with the exception of loosening the crank pully - which the advice seems to be stick it in 5th and stamp on the brakes, then use a big breaker bar.

How would you do this on an auto? I don't think putting it in Park would be an option because of the forces involved.

I've seen crank locking tools for other cars that press on the ground to stop the pulley turning - but can you get one for the Zetec?

Any help would be much appreciated...
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autos are a bit easier as all you need to do is put it in park as this will lock the geabox so you will then be able to undo the crank bolt with a breaker bar
If you're really worried about it, take the the car to a garage and get them to spin off the nut, then re-torque it for you. Most will do it for a drink. A garage will have an impact (compressor driven) wrench that will shift the nut without any problems.

Once the initial tension has been cracked, you can undo it at home with conventional tools. :L
I might go for that option... all I need to do is find a local mechanic that'll work for alcohol. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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