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Timing chain life and oil type

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What's the timing chain life/service requirements for the TDCI and TDDI and also what type of oil?


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oil, check with your car reg

chain service? - nothing in the book, not much you can do, as for life, ive not heard of anyone having a problem except my mate whose transit 2.4 let go, but it had done 300,000 miles.
Recommended oil is a 5W30 semi-synthetic, Castrol make a 5W30 Magnatec which is sutable, amongst others. The timing chain should last the life of the engine. The service schedule mentions checking it at 150,000 miles but with regular oil changes and quality oil, there shouldn't be a problem with it.
be thankfull you dont have a Triumph Stag with the original V8, thier timing chains sometimes didnt last from the factory to the dealer, my mate had to pick one up (with a Triumph 2500 estate) and it didnt make it 40 miles....

hell of a long chain tho!

(Triumph couldnt fit the Rover V8 as that was built under licence from Oldsmobile/Buick and they wanted to sell the stag stateside.....)
The Stag V8 design was basically two Dolomite 4 cylinder engines tacked together. The castings for the development engines were subcontracted out and there weren't any problems with them but when they went into production, manufacture came in-house and was done at Beans foundry. The quality of the castings was so poor and so much sand was left in the engines when they were built, it was a disaster from the start with constant overheating problems - how times have changed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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