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Hi all

So here goes...

I am currently looking for a new motor, the focus c-max 2005 1.6 tdci zetec has caught my eye. But having read many reviews, Im not entirely convinced buy the build quality and realiabilty of the car.

Many reviews speak of 'ERG Valve' problems, loss of power and brakes whilst driving, loss of power steering whilst driving, faulty electronic handbrake problems and to be honest I could go on.

The motor I have seen has done 55k miles and only has part service history.

So to buy or not to buy is the question...........

I would be grateful for any replies, especially from those who have owned or do currently own this model....

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i havent owned one my self, but you tend to here reviews when things go wrong, alot of people dont comment when things are going well with their cars.
A bit like this forum, large percentage of the members join because they are having problems with their car, not because their car is working well.
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