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TomTom and Ford Bluetooth

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Just picked up a new TomTom G0 950 Live and would like to use it over the Audio system. The problem starts with the binding, the radio asks for a 4 digit code but the TomTom does not give the option to type this in....has anyone found a solution or work around for this? :)
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arnt u suposted to type in your own code then tom tom will connect then ask you for that code used ?
Well, the TomTom says enter in "0000" if asked and the Mondeo says enter in "####" but there is no way to enter that number into the TomTom so the binding fails....
as i understud bluetooth to what device makes the first connect use's the code ...

so both devices are active go to the car radio and tell it to conect to the tom tom ... the radio comes up with 1234 ? then tom tom say's device conecting >> please enter code ... Ie 1234 .. then both devices should be paired up

some deviced have set codes like the radio as its only One way Coms ... ( Receive )

I have a TomTom 930 and the SONY 6000CD. The Sony connects to the phone via Bluetooth. If the radio is not on when I switch the TomTom on then the phone will connect to the TomTom. I do not think that the SONY 6000CD has the audio streaming of bluetooth implemented. I use the 3.5mm jack socket on the TomTom to connect to the AUX input on the SONY 6000. Of course, now that I have started using this, the jack socket connector inside the TomTom is unreliable (cheap, or not so cheap, nasty Chinese made electronics :sad: )
OK, tried it again just using the Bluetooth speaker option on the TomTom. Problem arises when the Ford BT/VC module comes back over the Sony Radio asking for a different PIN every time.

Is there any way to program the BT/VC module to not ask for a PIN?

Also, tried with the TomTom on and searching then turned the radio on, no luck, still received a different PIN.

This is frustrating....
Tried it before on my TomTom 920T on the single Sony CD with BT/VC

Never did get it to work and I did really try too, I dont think the radio will work with this type of equipment unless its put through the AUX as someone else has said.

I use mine through the AUX, however its not great!
TomTom support was no help, will keep hoping that someone figures this out though...
In order for the Tomtom to send the audio instructions to the Stereo, the system would need to employ the A2DP profile or it would need to support the Headset/Handsfree function as a client, rather than a host.

In essence, the Tomtom can be paired with a phone, but not with a handsfree.

If the Mondeo has the latest BT/VC/USB unit, it should support A2DP, so you could in theory use the Tomtom as an audio source (with the ipod adapter) and then stream the audio to the Mondeo over bluetooth, again as long as the Tomtom supports A2DP.......which I doubt.

Unless the system in the car supports A2DP however, you're out of luck.

I believe the Tomtom Rider (Motorcycle Version) supports the headset profile so hat may be worth looking at.
I have the latest BT/VC/USB, installed in Jan10 by the dealer. Just downloaded the file and will give it a shot tomorrow, will let you know...

Oops forgot to answer this one. Still did not pick up the radio, so I'm stuck for now. Thanks for all the advice and hopefully someone will be able to figure this out in te future.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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