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I am selling my used TomTom GO LIVE 1005 Europe Sat-Nav.

This item is no longer needed due to my vehicle being equipped with Sat-Nav.

This is my best TonTom by far and will actually miss the device.

Comes with the standard box, mount, USB cable, Cigarette Lighter USB Adaptor and documents. I will also include the universal case and genuine TomTom mains charger which both had to be purchased separately.

The LIVE Services are not included as they have now expired for this device. This can be purchased after registering with TomTom.

I have had TomTom remove this device from my associated TomTom Account so the new user can register this without any problems.

Item Location - Dagenham, Essex

£150.00 Gadget Rectangle Font Musical instrument accessory Eyewear Communication Device Material property Gadget Auto part Font Product Gadget Font Material property Gas

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