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TopGear Track Day

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Check this link out if you fancy taking ya pride and joy round the world famous top gear test track i've already booked to try and kick stigs a**e lol. Spaces are limited so hurry....
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hi sonds good did you get the £125 tickeet
as that seems the one we need?????
Nope got mine for £75 as i'm taking part in the modball rally, but friends have paid the £125 as this is a one in a life time chance...Go on do it lol
so is that wots going on in june then???
any idea how many laps you get for the 125
All i know its all day from 9-5
any idea on max numbers? i wouldnt want to pay £125, drive 150 miles, and get there to find a queue of hundreds of cars (they will probably only let one car on the circuit at a time)
Not sure how many but it is limited!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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