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Torque limiter on diesel?

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2004 130 Diesel, Do they have any form of limiter on the lower gears?

Not sure if its me but it seems to go so much better when in 3rd & above.

Or is it just the speeds i want to give it a bit of boot happens to match 3rd gear?
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as far as i know the torque is limited on the tdci's in 1st and 2nd gear i read about this somewhere on the forum a while back.
hope this helps
ps i wonder if its the same for tddi's :eyesup:
I thought this was something to do with trying to stop the Dual ass Flywheel from exploding or breaking up. I think Ford limited the torque electronically on later models because the DMF couldn't cope
Pretty standard, Vauxhall diesels are the same. You'd end up sitting burning tyre rubber or spinning like mad in the wet if they didn't limit the torque.
If its standard why can i not find any real information about it?

Ford manual & Haynes manuals do not mention any form of power restriction.
I know my 2.2 tdi has a torque limiter in 1st and 2nd, that's why the clutch only slips in 3rd to 6th gear but can't remember where I read it. I'm sure a re-map would get rid of it though, then I could burn the clutch out altogether :sad:
torque is limited in first and second to stop the engine ripping up the gearbox i read this a while ago on the forum.
Seen it actually printed somewhere or just from posts on here?

Last time i looked i couldnt find any info.

Would a remap or tuning box bypass it?
posts. doubt it very much a remap or tuning box would bypass it, apparently from listening to people on rollers before the lower rev range does nothing different to an unmodified car as a modified 1
cant find anything on the torque limiter although i can get just about everything else you need to know about the gearbox spec lol
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