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Has anyone got one fitted? If yes how much did it cost and does it make a big difference to the insurance?
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don't make a huge difference to the insurance, just a bit of peace of mind for oyurself really

there are a efw different types, the one i was looking at would send me a text if the alarm went off and i could follow it on my computer

but there are various prices for each thing, one off payments for the life of the car under your ownernship, yearly payments, etc

you are looking at around 3500 plus £50 or so per year to get it sorted though

goo for things like posh motors but parking securly is much cheaper :)
Peace of mind... depends on whether you really want the car back after someone has pinched it and abused it?

I had Tracker already fitted on my Impreza.
It made less than £10 difference on the insurance per year.
It would cost more than £10 per year to keep it registered to me.
I didn't want the car back after being clutch-dumped at the redline a million times, with bald tyres, shot CV joints, and untold abuse on the diff and gearbox. I'd sooner never see the car again after that, to be honest. So I didn't activate the Tracker.


are they really 3.5k??? im shocked they are so expensive! i thought theyd be like 500 quid! :}
Maybe try 1 of these? dont think it would lower your insurance, but at least you can find your car + theres no subscription to pay.
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