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ttres not lasting long

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i had brand new tyres on my monty tdci about 3k ago and they will need changing soon,the garage said that all mk3 mondeos are the same??

i have had the tracking and balancing done at the same time,does this sound now to people??
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3k is a bit harsh. I once had 5k out of my front but the bottom wishbone bushes had gone and the inners kept wearing out. Is it your fronts?
Yeah that not good.
My rears have been on 70k, but 90% motorway driving.
Fronts about 35k.
I think you deffo have something a miss!
I think that you must have something wrong with your car, my last front tyres of which was Mich PS2's done 20,000 miles and I changed them at 3mm, so could have gone on for more, but thought that I would change them at the same time as the Lowering springs
so wat do all your guys think could be wrong with my car???i have no noises or knocks on it,
my thats crap for tyres,what make have you got on?also whats your tyre pressure? should be approx 32 in the front,try not to do so many wheel spins haha,
Suspension, tyre pressures ( front-33psi rear-32psi ) quility of tyres or even turning your wheels with the car stationary can all make a difference to tyre life.

Without trying to sound patronising, whats your driving style like? (i cant talk as i can be quite agressive at times) things like harsh braking, cornering or accelleration
What mondeo are we talking about, and what size wheels has it got???
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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