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tumble flapsor no tumble flaps

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while replacing the headgasket on my mondy i noticed my tumble flaps had a bit of side play, i also noticed a plastic rod disconnected so popped it back on all was fine till started up, i got a tapping noise like hydrulic lifters, popped the rod back off went quiet, can only assume there fooked, do i replace the flaps or is there any gains out of removing them altogether?
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Mine never had the flaps from new. 2005 Estate, New Zealand new. Exactly what they are there for I am not sure. Could be emissions, low-end torque, or just a way to increase complexity!!!

Paul. :)
they are a load of bollocks there meant to direst the air flow but imo where else can the air go. also cars never had them before so why now. either way you will have to take the manifold off either to take them out or replace them
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