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Turbos !!!!!!!!!!

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Hi all ....
I have recently been invesigating turbos for the V6!!! I have found a supplier that does the whole kit!! its a bolt on kit with no internal mods needed! it produces around 275-300 bhp !!!!!!! I have spoken to the firm and if i can get enough interest i will be the UK distributor for this kit!!!

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Hi Simon,

There probably won't be much demand I'm afraid. Furthermore, you can see that much power with a simpler/cheaper(??) supercharger on a good 2.5.

The number of people interested in turbos for the V6 varies from the odd person to almost nobody (depending whether they've yet to see what it will cost them to buy, have it installed and buy/fit a new clutch and uprated driveshafts etc.)

What do you think it would cost? I could be very wrong, I often am.

Supercharger Kit (6-7psi):

-Vortech V9 F-trim CCW (COUNTER CLOCKWISE model)
-Oil feed and drain line
-Customized Vortech pulley
-Adjustable main support bracket
-Idler bracket and pulley with fine adjustment
-Main supercharger drive pulley
-6 rib supercharger belt
-2.5” aluminum intake piping from MAF to supercharger
-3” MAF adapter with 3” to 2.5” reducer coupler
-2.5” silicone couplers
-T-bolt clamps
-Polished aluminum coolant tank
-Intake filter
-Valve cover breather
-All hosing, fittings, and clamps needed for install
-All steel components are powder coated silver to prevent corrosion

Price: $3,500 Shipped (in the US)

A stock 2.5L non SVT motor will be in the 275hp range


Non-Intercooled Turbo kit MTX/ATX Contour/Cougar/Mondeo

Improve your power by 40% with our new kit easily installed with no modifications needed. The kit makes 5 psi boost safely to any V6 duratec Contour/Cougar/Mondeo

Price $2695.00

Turbo Kit Contour/Cougar 300whp - 350whp

The stage 2 kit if for our customers who want to go 3.0 liter route and where this kit comes with all the necessary parts to get you to 450hp........

Price $3995.95

Turbo Kit Contour/Cougar 275 whp - 300whp

The New stage 1 kit is intercooled now includes all hardware add 8=10 psi safely on stock intenals and see 75% gains on power using our bolt on kit.

Price $3395.95
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You will have to buy it put it on your car.
have a power graph up before and after,then run it for six months and tell me that the turbo ect are all running strong.
nautilus is a proven kit ,with strong long term components.
have you a picture of the kit,as buying it and attaching a saab turbo.
this guy fitted a turbo kit from usa on his st24, i'm not sure if it was the Arizona dyno chip system, or the nautilus (i think it was nautilus):

as you can see from the thread he fitted uprated HG's etc, had it mapped at M.A.D. , and it wasnt running silly high boost but the bottom end exploded after about a year (i remember seeing the car forsale cheap on ebay needing a new lump)

he said the kit took alot of fitting, and some of the bits didnt fit the mondeo too well.

also you would need to be a trader to sell them on here, bit of a chicken and egg situation to get the interest and then go trader i suppose.

as Simonty said, sadly you wont have much demand for this kind of thing from mondy owners tbh.
FWIW I have fitted both the Streetflight type design turbos and the Vortec kits..both have shortfalls, but I'm sure most everone here knows that??
Hmm, I'd be surprised if many people here knew that information Terry.

It's cheaper and easier to do a turbo install on the Zetec so most people would go for that. Obviously in America everything's cheaper and there's more of a macho drag racing scene so there's demand for 3.0 turbo Contours. Approximately zero people drive such a car here, altho there are tales of a supercharged 3.0 ST200 that exploded on the dyno.. I've no idea what happened to it.

I wish more people did do it :D

in USA the bigger CC cars are more popular due to the price of fuel, alot more aftermarket tuning parts available (much cheaper than here) and tuners dont charge thousands to do the conversions like they do here.

bigger CC engines in other types of (posher) cars in the UK do get alot of owners spending big money on conversions to forced induction (lexus's etc) but mondeo's have always been the unfashionable poor relation and now have hit rock bottom. mondeo's are the "middlesborough football club" of the ford world :}

theres only ever been about 15-20 zetec turbo mondeo's done in the UK, despite them being quite easy to do. compare that to UK focuses & escorts, and theres been literally hundreds!
Fred's will be quite unique then, it will surprise people as I'm sure BOTH of your cars do Percy!!!

Mondies may be the poor unloved relation of the old turbo Fords people praise so much but that just makes me want to "prove people wrong" even more.
There's an ST24 turbo in Norfolk, have posted up about it before. Low pressure turbo I believe, was rolling roaded at SCA Rally last year.
percybigun said:
theres only ever been about 15-20 zetec turbo mondeo's done in the UK, despite them being quite easy to do. compare that to UK focuses & escorts, and theres been literally hundreds!
do they all use the same kit or are there a few to choose from?

ps, im talking silvertop which seems to be more awkward/complecated?
no two are ever the same, there is no standard "kit" but there is standard methods.

you can buy off the shelf zetec turbo conversions for the focus from USA but they wont fit straight on the mondeo.

silvertop isnt more awkward than blacktop either.

silvertops have become considered better than blacktops for turbo-ing because they have a stronger bottom end, although blacktops have a better oil pump. both of these factors are only really relevant on motors running 400bhp+
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