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Tyre spec.

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My '06 2.0ltr Gia X auto is fitted with 17in alloys & 205/50 tyres that will need replacing this year. As comfort is more important than handling to me - is this size of rim/tyre standard for this model/spec or can a smaller rim & higher profile tyre be specified?
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you could drop down to 16" rims, but now 205/55
hi there

that's the correct size for your car. changing the ratio (on the 17" rim) might affect your insurance in an accident.

anyway, what you need is a tyre with a slightly softer sidewall (they flex a bit more). something like a Vredestein sportrac3 would suit you best, imo.

you won't notice any loss in performance as you need to be driving like a idiot to feel a difference, but in normal everyday driving they will cushion the bumps a wee bit better.

Thanks for the replies guys, I'll bear your views in mind when I need to replace the current tyres.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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