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I was always under the impression that the tyre hight was in MM, but I know know it is in %, as in % or the width.

My question is:
Can you put narroer(sp?)/wider wheels on any rim?

For example:
My wheels are now 225/40. Can I put any width on these rims or do they need to be 225. And what effects does it have on the car to change the width of the wheel?

You can normally get away with changing them one way either up or down (ie standard 225 you can put 215 or 235 on).

The effects on the car vary as the wider the tyre the better the grip in the dry, the thinner the tyre the better the grip in the wet.

Changing the width will also slightly alter the gearing of the car but not by a great deal.

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How are you MR READYMIX.
Have a look at this site for your queries,check
out the fitment guide and rim width calculator,another thing to bear in mind is the
2.5% +/- guideline,have a a look anyway.
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