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I dunno how you guys do it?

But I called my local Ford Dealer. And They want £500 !!

They say "usually" the subframes are ruined and made oversize by rust and wear and the new bushes just fall straight through, So the whole thing needs replacing most of the time. They dont do an exchange.

Whats going on!??!

I am at a loss now.

Anyone here had it done within the M25 area and by who?
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lol there talking crap ..

u can buy a hole new subframe on the net for like £100 .. then change it your self it isnt hard at all

or buy polly bushings and do it that way
markderby said:
lol there talking crap ..

Dunno about the rest hence why I have not quoted it but they are talking out of thier ringpiece as far as that explanation goes. Your;s may be an exception where there is more damage but they would have had ot see that to know and it's 99% of the time just the bushes.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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