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underdrive crank pulley

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can someone tell me how many horses should I expect from a one piece UDP ? some claim 15 some claim 12 and some claim 5-6 whp, but I think all these figures are very optimistic :D so what do you think?
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probably 5bhp on a normally aspirated mildly tuned engine, its more in the mid range where the power gain is had from underdrive pulleys.

very simple easy mod anyway :L
u normally have the stock crank pulley (at the end of the crank) which is responsible for driving the accessory belt which drives all the accessories, such as the power steering pump, water pump, alternator and AC compressor. This sports version of the pulley is both lighter( as its made of aluminum instead of iron) and smaller in diameter, which means its gonna rotate the accessories slower and exerting less power and accordingly releasing some (originally lost) power to the wheels
there's a one piece underdrive pulley in the US but they do not ship worldwide :S its for $29 only !!! but the problem is that we have tariffs anywhere between 50-100 % :S:S:S plus the shipping and stuff, it would cost triple its price and would take ages to arrive due to passing by the tariffs
another question, a 2 piece underdrive kit will have a smaller crank pulley and a bigger water pump pulley, doesn't the bigger water pump pulley mean further underdrive to water pump? isn't that dangerous specially for me (as um living in a hot whether?
yeah probably a bad idea. you can get lower temp thermostat and thicker rad though (thicker rads are expensive)
we dont have lower temp thermostats here in Egypt :S but we have radiator fabrication but its made from copper :s which i believe is rly bad
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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