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Hi all.

Just had 2 new front tyres fitted Saturday morning. 2003 Mondeo TDCI on 16" alloys.

Fronts had done 25k, rears 36k (or so, just guessing, but been on 18 months @ 24k/year).

To cut a long story short, the rear tyres are showing more wear on the outer edges than the inner edges (not bald or anything, but 1-2mm or so less tread on the outside edge). The fronts were similar, with more wear on the outer edge than the inner edge.

However... the *front* tyres had a seriously worn bit on the very inside edge of the shoulder, somewhere where I couldn't even see it making contact with the road! Basically the 45 degree bit between the walls and the tread. At a single point on one tyre, the steel cables were coming through. Sharp edges through a hole in the rubber. The wear wasn't noticeable with the tyres on the car.

I check them every couple of weeks, but it wasn't obviously visible, because it was on the shoulder of the tyre, i.e. Point C below.


(This may appear screwed up in proportional fonts. A is to the right of the \, B is to the left of /, and C is under /)

Even on full lock, the wear was "behind" the bit you can see from the outside. I saw there was 1.6mm on the outside edge (A above), 2mm+ on the inside edge (B above). The serious wear was at point C, invisible without taking the wheels off, or getting under the car. Even then, it was difficult to see, the only real sign was the rubber was a different colour & texture to the rest of the tyre.

The reason I know they needed replacing was because I *do* check them. There was only a very small amount of tread badly worn (the very edge), so as far as the 1.6mm over 75% goes, there was *plenty* of spare (in retrospect)

The bit that had the cable showing had the cable still deep inside the tyre, poking out. It wasn't as though there was any cable showing anywhere else. It looked like the end of a sliced steel hawser, not the normal "edge on" when a tyre's down to the steel. That's what made me think it was physical damage had broken the steel, and driving had forced it to the surface.

The tyre place stuck it on their 4 wheel Laser alignment/tracking thing, but the details were within spec.

The front wheels were 1mm toe in (spec says parallel plus/minus 1mm). (I would expect this to cause wear on the outer edges?)

Rears were in spec to themselves.

Front to rear were also within spec - one side was "4.5", the other "5.5". I'm assuming the spec is something like 5 plus/minus 1 or 0.5.

So basically, the tracking was OK, all around the car. On the high side of the spec, but still within spec.

I'm going to be keeping a very close eye on the front ones, for any more of the same wear. If I see it, it's going in (somewhere!) for a suspension check. I'm going to have to use a torch, and actually crawl under the car though!

The front *had* required the tracking to be done about 6 months ago.

What I'm assuming at the moment is that prior to the previous tracking being done, there was quite a lot of wear. The cables through the one tyre was on the kerb side of the car. I remember pulling up to the house a couple of months back, and getting up onto the kerb a little harder than usual. I'm wondering if the combination of the heavy wear and the impact would have broken the cables. There were definite ends poking out.

Does this sound like a plausible situation? Could there be a problem somewhere that would now show up in tracking/alignment?

(I've already posted this to


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