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Hi Folks,

New to this forum, need some opinions from the more DIY experienced than myself.

Ive had a couple oh Ford Ka's over the past few years, and became rather fond of them, Ive got to know them quite well and done a fair few repairs on both endura and duratec, such as front rear shocks, springs, locks, thermostat, cooling temp switch etc, on that sort oh level.

My present Ka is a 2007 Duratec 1.3 its due for MOT in January so I am trying ti sort oot bits and bobs. First problem is the Exhaust flexi pipe. A month or two ago I had driven over a bollard type thing that was lowered not noticing a thin spike oh metal poking up which caught hold oh the flexipipe ripping it a bit, it caused a leak which is not to loud or bad but deffo out of character. I also noticed that the exhaust pipe hook which holds the pipe in the rubber close to the flexi pipe has snapped of the exhaust pipe, and again this is not effecting the exhaust to much and its still sitting firm but obviously I cant hand it in for MOT like this...

The rest of the exhaust is in quite sound condition and not needing replaced, Also that bloody annoying decision ford took to make the flexi pipe part of the cat pipe on the duratec means to replace just the flexi pipe would mean replacing the entire cat and manifold.

After a bit investigating I bought one oh these Universal Flexi pipes like this one

Its for my make and model and comparing does look the perfect size,

My question has anybody every fitted one of these, and if so what type of saw did they use to cut the old flexi out, is it an awkward job, also is there some kind oh solution for the peg which has came of the exhaust, is there a type of universal peg that can replace this

Any info would be a big help and much appreciated


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What type of swa will depend what you have to hand. Hacksaw blade and some tape

wrapped around it for a handle will work if thats all you have.

Small cutoff saw will be an easier option ot a larger cutting disc in a dremel etc.

Just a bit slow and more care needed to prevent it stalling.

As for the hanging bar, you can get someone to weld it back on maybe? Or get one of the

aftermarket hangers that attach using jubilee clips, or Clamps with straps attached.

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