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hello all

following on with my dilema with having only one key
the prices quoted by my local dealer in reading reg vardy

remote key and blade 42.00
programming 40.00

cut tibbe key 25.00
i also found these guys on ebay who want 65.00
hope this of use to somebody
ive not used them but there on ebay selling keys


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You don't say what Mk Mondeo you have but when I needed the same:-

IR Keyfob = £10 from fellow Mondeo owner (but since found 2 more in Mondeos in scrap yards!)

New fob holder/blank key = £3.45 from Ford

Key cut = Free from cobblers as I had a few keys cut for boss but would have normally charged me £6

Programming = Free via Mirez website.

Hope this helps.

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You cant program keys to the car without 2 keys, i master and one spare. Thats where Ford get you over a barrel as they have to use WDS to clone another key...

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I just paid £32 for a new radio fob for my Mk3 including a blank blade from Ebay. Looking down the guy's feedback some auctions were finishing as low as £12, stopped looking after that as I was pretty :evil:

Cost £3 to get the blade cut at a local Shoe Repairers. Took less than 30 secs!

Programming instructions for central locking and immobiliser are in the Owners Manual.

Piece of cake!
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