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Upgrading from low level to premium sound system

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Hello folks,

I want to upgrade my existing low level original sound system to the premium original fit Sony sound system.

Now my car is a 53 reg Face lift Ghia spec, so it should just slot straight into the dash but for some reason only the low level system was specified and fitted when it was built, so I have already bought some premium speakers (yet to be delivered) but want to upgrade the headunit too.

Now my car has a 6 CD changer in the boot, which is fine, but I want to know if it would still work and be compatible with the Sony headunit?

Also, the speaker specs of the premium originals? I think iirc that the low level are 25w each just wondered what the 'premium' speakers were and are they made by Sony? Just bought some from ebay and they all looked in great condition, but no pic of the back of them or detail of the spec unfortunately.
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To fit the sony unit, you will need to change over the centre console unit, as the sony front panel is at a slight angle.

As for the speakers, it's said that sony was involved with the design of the speakers, you will have to post up the picture of the speakers when you get them.

Here is a picture of what they should look like :

Not the best, but you can see how they look like.


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Yeah, those are the speakers I've bought. Still not arrived as yet...(did say 48 hour delivery) and I ordered Friday night, so probably be here today / tomorrow.

there seems to be mixed opinions of the OE Sony headunit...would you advise to go down this upgrade route, or get something different altogether?

The main reason i wanted the OE Sony unit, was to maintain the OE look, due to the need of a conversation plate to convert the dash to single DIN for a standard headunit.
I would go and put the sony unit in. I have both version of them, the 6 disc and the MP3. To press I use the MP3 version the more.

Plus I have unit as well


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