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upgrading st24 brakes to focus rs brembo calipers

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im seriously considering upgrading my existing oem brakes as there rubbish,i recently got some insurance money and im thinking of throwing it at my much loved st24 thinking of buying focus rs brembo calipers but have no idea what disc to use and were i will get some conversion brackets from,best idea i got so far is to try here,thanks for reading,many thanks,now booked car in to get rear arches sorted then full re spray in original panther black,love my car
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Welcome to MEG :L

A couple on here have done the conversion, you use FRS calipers, pads and discs and there is a company on eBay that sells the brackets for like £80 but haven't seen them listed for a while.

You may get lucky and get a set that have come off an Escort or similar that already has the brackets in with the calipers and discs, like Fred22 on here did :L

You will obviously need bigger wheels than the standard 16s
does anyone have any ..... that i could have? they dont have to be perfect but useable would be helpful. im trying to set up some .... to my ka sport and iv worked out that ..... should be perfect but dont want to buy some just to find out they are wrong. if anyone is local would be great. cheers
If you want to place a wanted ad, click 'Place an Advert' at the top of the forum. You need to be a gold member or pay 99p for an ad. Repeated wanted ads on the forum will be delted :L
if anyone had any for sale they would be in the forsale section here, otherwise obviously look on ebay where all those kinds of things get sold.

look back through recent brake upgrades threads in this section, of which there are many, so we arent expected to answer the same questions over and over :L
hi buddy as said above welcome to meg :)

i cant help u much on where to find them other than ebay if they do pop up on there,

but just to show u they fit, look at this link in my v6 thread, hopefully it will give you an idea of what the set up will look like :)
hi fred im having trouble with my mondeo central new to meg and couldnt find out how to post this so did next best thing ask,light on clock is pulsing.drivers door wont open with key,drivers door and back 2 wont open on of this morning,im currently climbing over passenger side as its only door that opens with key.please help fred.many thanks
hi buddy, i think this question would be better suited in the security section further down this mk1-2 section,

on your problem, are you saying that the key wont open your drivers side door even though you are putting the key in and trying to undo it this way?

the lights flashing on your dash i think means that the key needs reprogramming,

again this is only a guess as thats what seems to happen when my central locking stops working the dash lights flash until i reprogram the key,

hopefully someone who knows will be able to help you out more :)
thanks for the help fred,after some more investigating and advice i found out that it was a sticky central locking motor in drivers door that blew my fuse,number 25 yellow,all sorted now,think this is the sign of my car getting old,lol,one thing after another just now,got the central locking sorted now the electric windows in rear playing up.only going a third of the way up.seems there not going up straight at the end,will prob need to strip rear door cards off,here i go
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