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upper rear window spoiler/cover

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Hi all, I found an upper window spoiler for the mk3 mondies (wolf, and some others on ebay) has anybody ever made these for the mk2's prefereably in black?

any linx would be great :content:

All the best


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to be honest mate i put one of these on my mk3 on just above the window, it was hard rubber and i cut it to go round the washer jet, so it may fit the mk2 if its cut, not 100% sure
MCR made a roof top spoiler for the Mk2. I found one 2nd hand never fitted, never painted, not long back, did the deal at £50 and then he decided not to sell :( Then found one on here in right colour, but once it's on the screen, you cant get it off to resell!

It's expensive new! And takes a lot of time, effort and swearing to fit. Also needs quite a bit of filler.

Yellow Mk1 half way down, has a roof tip spoiler in blue on it. £104.95 for spoiler and delivery is like £20 as well :L
nice one... once again marney :}
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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