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US SVT engine & UK ST200 engine

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Just read this on Wikipedia -

An SVT version produced 195 hp (145 kW) and 165 ft·lbf (224 N·m) in 1998. It included a larger throttle body from the Duratec 30, a new cone-shaped air filter, and abrasive flow machining processing on the intake manifold. SVT specific cams, a lighter flywheel and low-restriction exhaust complete the picture. Further improvements were made in 1999 that raised power output to 200 hp (149 kW) and 169 lb·ft (229 N·m) and were carried over in the 2000 model. The SVT engine was used in the 1998 to 2000 Ford Contour SVT.

The improvements mentioned in the first section (195hp) seem to mention all the mods in the ST200 engine. The later section says 'further improvements' which add another 5hp but it doesn't say what these were.

Given that most ST200's give about 195hp (mine was 162.5 whp which equates to around 195-197hp and is a healthy engine) could the UK SVT engines all or most have been the first 195hp version?

Any ideas on what the 'improvements' were on the 2nd gen. engine? It has been suggested that the drop in hp is due to engines being bench tested for power without belts, drives etc but this would lead to a far higher loss that the final figures suggest. Better fuels over here has been mentioned too with different ignition timing/fueling but I can't see this either.

Thanks for reading - would be intersted in the opinions of the experts out there - cheers :L
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Re-map maybe?
Terry Haines is probably the best man to answer this one, but I do spend a lot of time trolling the Contour forums and i'm pretty sure that there are differences in the uim and lim. UIM had extra (not max) extrude honing on the later engine, and possibly the lim ports were different. This is all pretty vague though and could all be in my head.
..the 'few' later SVT engines with the higher output had a revision in bore size/CR..It didn't lst long..I'll dig up some more info..
'Didn't last long' ... production or the engine? From the info provided already Terry it would seem to me that most, if not all, ST200 V6's were the 195 bhp units which would make sense given that nobody has made 200 let alone 202 bhp. I think it was Rhys on here got 199 bhp but not sure what fuel he was running. If standard or 97 RON then his engine is a good'un that's for sure!
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