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V Focus Mk1 1.8TDdi Zetec

Reviewed by:
on 19-June 12

Owning Experience

Owned For: 1 year
Good Points: its quite nippy
Bad Point: doesnt always start straight up


How It Drives:
Fuel Economy:
Overall Rating:

Well this is my first ever car and I got pretty cheap to be honest, i know a 1.8 focus is probably not the usual choice of car these days but i really liked the car and thought it would be different. It runs lovely and i really like the looks of the car. Its pretty nippy to say its 12 years old and the enines are very reliable.The corner is great however there is a fair amount of roll, which could be overcome by lowering springs
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and the boot space is good for fitting plenty of shopping... or subwoofers
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The only problems i can think of that should be looked into before anyone buys a car like this is;
firstly does it start up well every time, ive found a few people with the same problem as me. The car turns over but just wont catch, and this happens once in like 20 starts if not less, but when it wont its a real pain. Also uts hard to find the fault.
Also if the central locking isnt working, it may be fuse 63, in which is on the reverse of the fuse box behind the glove box, that may be quite hard to find if you dont already know!
and also if the headlights are yellowy, it does effect the brightness quite a lot, fear not brasso and some elbow grease get them clear a treat.
So all in all i would say that all the work ford put into the car to develop it is deffo returned to the driver, the interiors sweeping lines is still quite funky for todays standard and the upper models such as the rs and st170 are still very desirable cars despite their age. The ford focus mk1 is still a great car even when compared to the many models that have been brought out since.

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