1999 V6 Cougar. Only 89k miles. Regularly serviced. MOT is about to expire and it will not pass due to loads of corrosion under the car. Sills are completely rotted both sides and it's spreading. Been told it'd need to go to a restorer and I don't have that kind of money to spend on trying to save it.

Has a few minor issues and a bigger one in that it's just started leaking power steering fluid. Obviously I'd have sorted that for the MOT if it wasn't for the rot.

It will be gone to a scrappy in the next day or so. Short notice but I'm only now finding out myself. I'd much rather it went to someone for scrap money who can either repair it themselves or at least use it for spares than it be crushed.

It has also been listed elsewhere.

I'll post more pictures and info shortly.