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V6 excessive oil use

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Help Please...?? I recently brought an 04 plate v6 zetec s for the missus which imo is using rather a lot of oil, there are no signs of any leaks where the car is parked every night and the car doesn't smoke excessively.

The car has done 60k miles and was a police car before we bought it (tho through a third party) so should be well maintained.

The car does about 100 miles a week, but has used about 2.0 litres of oil in the last 2 weeks.
I recently fitted an induction kit and noticed that there was a build up of black oil like liquid in the inlet "duct" to the throttle body, I have cleaned the oil separator valve on the crankcase breather set up and checked the hoses etc (tho they shouldn't cause increased oil use should they ??).

The car does not smoke at all and runs great, except when the liquid build up in the throttle set up affects the MAF, after a clean out it is fine again.
Any suggestions :idea: would be very much appreciated.


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Have you looked underneath the car at the sump etc?

Two litres in two weeks means there must be a leak somewhere.
Thats exactly what I thought but no visible oil under the car and nothing on the drive so confused is the word, might be looking in completely the wrong place but the black liquid in the air inlet assembly worries me as it does seem to build up quickly and has saturated the bottom of the new induction kit filter within a few days of fitting it.
What I also don't understand is the lack of smoke from the exhaust which I assume any leak of oil into the combustion chambers would cause...???
Update. Turns out there was a bit of an oil leak where the crank case breather pipe on the front rocker cover had broken - a little oil was splashing out dripping onto the front exhaust manifold and burning off - hence no oil on the drive.

I have a related question though?
Other than excese oil use and blue smoke (particularly on start up) how can you check the valve oil seals - I'm happy to change these myself but only if necessary as it looks a bit of a tough job & needs a ford tool which I'm guessing costs £££$$$.


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