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V6 Info

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...some owners may find this of interest when working on the Ford V6's...
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What an awesome find! Very interesting read, porsche eh....
...I have pics of the original Porsche proto engines that went into the first ever V6 CDW27,I was there when we built the first ever V6. It was tight even in the Taurus workhorse blame me and few others if it's lacking in a bit vof space to work on!! FWIW the Porsche units did't look that much the Ford V6..but these Porsche engine made 250 HP 'out the crate'...Ford 'de tuned' the engine ..a lot!!!
Any chance of uploading/sending the photos? I would love to see them, I am such a geek over stuff like this :).

So how come ford de-tuned it? Cost issues?

By the way, which engine code from that link you gave would match up with the st200 2.5 duratech lump?
I wonder if the original prototype would bear any resemblance to the 250bhp Hendy car that appeared in a magazine article years ago (saw this in the multimedia section recently). This was a previously normal 2.5 tuned to 250bhp!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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