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v6 UIM cover bling

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does anyone do a cover, dont need to be shiney chrome, just something a bit different :kaffeetrinker_2:
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ford made one but its 80 plus vat! :)
i was thinking more 10 or 20, never have a rice crispies box when u need 1 :}
do you mean something like this


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yeah, dont look cheap :(

where did u get the strut brace?
its all made by a fellow member on here his name is wootty (king of bling) the strut brace was made by him but i had the last one he ever made im sure he said it was his last, and the uim cover was'nt that expensive, cant remember now but i can txt him and ask him for you
You could ask Graemewelch on here if he fancies making something up. He seems to be good with metal bits, and has been doing rear strut braces lately. Maybe he could do a front one for a MK2 V6. :L
keep your eyes open on meg forsale section, and on other mondeo forums forsale sections, and ebay, people often sell off their wootty bling.

you could also try a wanted ad on here.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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