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vacuum pipe from servo

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Help while I was taking off my upper inlet manifold I managed to break the brake servo pipe at the manifold end. I was wondering if I can replace this part with any servo pipe off any mark 1 or 2 mondy. the car I have is a mark 2, 2.5 V6 Thanks for your help.
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if its off another v6 engine then yes it will fit, they arent too bad to get, might get them from the scrappy if they still have them,

you have to be very careful with these as they do have a tendency of breaking because of being brittle,

good luck with it, you should sort it out easily :)
thanks fred22, it looks like a visit to the scrappy then. I have already phoned a dealer and for some unknown reason he says he can't get a price for a new one.Still I might pick more stuff up when i am at the scrappy.Once again thank you.
no worries buddy, good luck with it, im sure u will be able to find one and get your car sorted out :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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